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We are an IT engineering and consultancy company with a vocation for the development and implementation of technologies specialized in the fight against the underground economy, particularly tax fraud.

Our services

We have a portfolio of professional services with which we permanently accompany our corporate clients.



Planning, selection, and management of alerts

analytics ©

Inspection, limited verification and collection inspection

discovery ©

Selection, inspection and collection inspection

mining ©

Data mining for automated selection

management ©

Coordination and management


We work to be a benchmark in the creation of solutions and the deployment of technologies focused on the fight against tax fraud and the underground economy.

We are a strategic technology partner and work closely with our clients to help them achieve their digital transformation objectives.

We are committed to quality of service and technical and financial stability in a changing sector dominated by large operators.

To develop specialized software applications and provide associated services that generate high added value for our corporate clients in the medium and long term.

To participate in highly complex projects that require us to be at the forefront and constantly renew our fiscal and technical know-how.

To contribute to the development and professional fulfilment of our intellectual capital, encouraging research and innovation in our professional team.

Commercial independence and autonomy in the selection of technologies that support our solutions as a differential value.

Work in multidisciplinary teams for the integration of knowledge, with a focus on results and customer as well as user satisfaction.

Trust as a main asset together with ethical conduct and strict confidentiality in our day-to-day work.

Main challenges



SENDA © comes about as a merger of applications developed by the founding partner to support his work as an inspector at the AEAT


The founding partner leaves the AEAT and founds SIDAF with headquarters in Bilbao to market the solution (software). The implementation of SENDA © begins in the HFB


Methodological adaptations progress and the deployment of SENDA© in the HFB is successful. IT audit techniques are introduced in the HFA


HTN joins the cultural change in the fight against tax fraud. New professionals join the firm


Bizkaia and Araba publish very positive data on tax fraud detected. The SENDA conferences are established as a forum for debate on specialized IT


HFG-IZFE is interested in the added value of SENDA ©’s import and analysis functionalities. SIDAF approves its strategic expansion plan


The first SENDAUDIT © development centre opens in Madrid. The firm moves towards a knowledge organisation and launches its first website


HFB-LANTIK are pioneers in contracting SENDAUDIT Analytics ©. Associated professional services increase turnover (€1M)


Araba-CCA and Navarra-TRACASA renew their trust in SENDAUDIT ©. SPRI endorses the R&D in the new project


SIDAF celebrates its 10th anniversary by incorporating the tenth person to its professional team, which totals 9 different university disciplines


The HFB reinforces its technological commitment by choosing the SENDAUDIT intelligence © and SENDAUDIT management © solutions with the “big data science” challenge on the horizon


The implementation of the SENDAUDIT analytics © solution begins at the HFG. The portfolio of associated services and the professional team are successfully adapted to the healthcare situation

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Our clients

Investing in technology to fight fraud pays off economically and socially. Today, they rely on our solutions …

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