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Value proposal

The holistic approach of the SENDAUDIT suite of applications produces a series of POSITIVE EXTERNALITIES in the client organization:

  • Knowledge retention through the use of test plan repositories, selection plans composed of expert rules or third parties’ information import schemes.
  • Increased confidence in the information that sustains the analyses thanks to the exhaustive control of data quality through integrity checks and validations in the normalization process.
  • Increased analytical capabilities available, reinforcing the deterrent effect on taxpayers and voluntary compliance.
  • Improved communication between work teams as a result of the use of a common analytical language based on standardization.


Additionally, the integration between the solutions of the SENDAUDIT© suite of applications generates INFORMATION SYNERGIES and FUNCTIONAL SYNERGIES in the verification procedures:

  • Information synergies are produced when a source of tax data is supplied to be used by different techniques, increasing the degree of exploitation of the data.
  • Functionality synergies occur when one technique or analytical approach can be used by different user profiles and tax services for different control purposes.


Therefore, there is an increase in the efficiency of the verification work and in the levels of detection and accreditation of tax fraud, which results in greater productivity for the organization.


For more information on how your organization can benefit from using SENDAUDIT, please, contact us.

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